corrupt file!

Started by alk, August 19, 2020, 05:51:51 AM

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you probably could make simple VBA macro to save a copy of the file to a new location.
something like <file name> || 2020_08_19_13_38_03.vsdx


that does not work for me, sometimes I need to undo 30 operations, if I autosave in the middle then I lose my ability to undo the last 50 operations.


I submit that is exactly one of the reasons you would want such a macro.

if you went down a "rat hole" that you need to undo 30 opps, then to be safe, you should problem save a copy and undo 31 opps.
(31 is save a copy off...undo would not delete the saved off copy).
This is because you may need to trace your actions because opp 19 thru 21 are of value.


Sorry, I am not understanding you. If you have a link to some information, please send.
Basically I think you are telling me to auto-backup and that it will not jeopardize my ability to undo 50 operation.


basically, write some VBA that does this
1) open a new file
2) copy all data to that file
3) close new file
4) continue editing new file

The trick is getting security settings so anybody can run it.
I did this on an excel file,  the VBA was not obvious for the security aspect
(essentially, a check to enable VBA project and VBA execution).

I am  not fluent in VBA so I am sure somebody can help you better than me
(my stuff admittedly was a hack of VBA to do the job).


OK, I have experimented with autosave, it works fine, but sometimes it deletes all my UNDO history. Any idea how I can prevent this from happening?

Sometimes I make a mistake and cut and paste fig.1 and modify it as fig.2, then I realize I messed up fig.1, so I undo upto 100 operation to find my fig.1, if I save in the middle I loose my UNDO history?