Viewing interactive visio maps in sharepoint 2010 foundation

Started by BPVA-Sam, February 03, 2012, 10:42:24 PM

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Hi Guys I need some assistance,

Previously I use to display visio maps within sharepoint 2007 as a vsd file and then use a small amount of Java script to display it within a webpart. This worked well within sharepoint to help people better structure and design how they used sharepoint for their employees, however microsoft in their wisdom discovered that people were using sharepoint in this way so in 2010 they have taken that functionality away from sharepoint 2010 foundation edition.

I called my contact at microsoft about this and was put onto one of their solution specialists who had confirmd that SP2010 does not have this functionality in the foundation edition. This can only be done within the enterprise edition.

What am I trying to achieve
1. Visually display a visio diagram within SP 2010 foundation edition (Free version of SP)
2. Once the visio image is able to be displayed that the images within the visio digram can be linked to a url to make them interactive.

If anyone has a solution I would love to know about it.
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