Author Topic: Vertical resizing of textbox subshape based on text size issue with data gfx pos  (Read 365 times)

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With a shape that has a text box subshape that resizes its height (downwards), I am running in to the issue that if I place a data graphic below the group shape, it is covered by the text box subshape in the group when the text box is significantly longer than the 30mm minimum set.

Is this because I also need to update the bounding box dimensions when the text box subshape is resized by the user entering more text in to the text box subshape? Still getting my head around how the bounding box relates and is or is not updated by changes to the shape.

Formula for resizing the subshape used (I think I found this in a post or on the website of Paul Herber):
GUARD(MAX(TEXTHEIGHT(TheText,Width),30 mm))

Those data graphics are a pretty cool feature I must say! Thank you for the help and advice!
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