Visio 2016 and above - cannot save as svg zero height box

Started by Nikolay, May 27, 2020, 07:15:59 PM

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1. Create a new diagram.
2. Put a text box.
3. Make height of that text box = 0 (collapse height to zero)
4. Save as SVG => save stops "half-way" (the produced file is broken, as half of the markup is missing)

Visio 2010 and below : everything is fine  :(

Before we had that EMF problem now this again...



It works. This is just to complain :D
Maybe someone who can bring this to visio developers is reading this forum. This is regression issue (something that worked before stopped working)

Paul Herber

Us the users (or is that we the users?) are the testers these days.
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