How to remove whole "separator" section with layer?

Started by maxwinkler, May 06, 2020, 05:26:41 AM

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I'm working on a somewhat complex, data driven, Visio networking diagram which in turn is organized within a cross-functional flowchart structure. The flowchart structure represents the physical location (vertical swimlanes) and solution groups (horizontal separators) . All servers are located according to their 1. location (within the swim lane) and solution (within the separators).
As there are different solutions present per project, I assigned the shapes to individual layers. I can now remove "solutions"--> layers, which will remove the shapes and connectors just fine, but how could I get the whole "separator-block" removed as well, so that the diagram dynamically resizes and one is left with just the "sections" that are relevant to that given project?

I tried to attach a sample Visio of my project (tons of data removed, and I'm sorry if it's convoluted, still working on formatting, and I just started using Visio extensively a couple of weeks ago..), but the file was approx. 1.2 MB large.
I hope URL sharing is OK here...:

This is for Visio 2016 Professional...