Cannot resize an entity (/table) !!

Started by GoS-ExiGo, April 24, 2009, 06:38:37 PM

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Hi, I use Visio 2007. I created an Entity Relationship diagram with visio.

I have dragged/created 4 entities (tables), and defined primary & foreign keys. However all of them have different widths.

This is really annoying, and even if I remove all the 'Format -> Protection' of an entity, it does not allow me to resize it.

Please, is it even possible to even resize the Entity?

Paul Herber

The sizing of such shapes is determined by the text within the shape, however, you can override this:
select the shape, menu Window -> Show Shapesheet
in the width cell type the size you require.
Unlock the height and width as well.

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