Placing Position employees on lower level than Managers

Started by, November 15, 2019, 06:31:19 PM

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Hello, this is my first post. I am attempting to automate an org chart using our employee file export from Paylocity. It work pretty good except for a few visual nuances. Our two top positions, CEO and President have a few direct reports that are position employees. When the chart is rendered using the import process, both Managers and Position employees are on the same level or tier visually. I am curious if there is a way to have the layout place them lower on the chart than the Managers as to not confuse employees thinking they are equal to managers. I can manually do this of course but for the sake of automating, I was hoping there was a field in the excel file that I could or a Layout/Sort that would do this. It seems currently, if 8 people report to one executive, they are all viewed as equals and sorted alphabetically, not based on whether they are managers or position types. Thank you in advance.


I'm not aware of any built-in method to do what you want.  Depending upon the complexity of the organization, some times it's not possible to even have same staff levels all lined up.  That's what the connection lines are for.  If someone wants to read that they're as important as a manager, that's not the org charts function.  His boss ought to be the one to set things straight.

You could develop some custom code to place "workers" such that they're always below managers, regardless to whom they report.  But, I think that ultimately makes a messy org chart.
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