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Started by lizwalter, August 15, 2019, 03:56:24 PM

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Hello -
I have successfully linked an external excel spreadsheet to my visio document (visio 2016 Prof).
I have successfully linked a single line of data with a shape in my document.

I have been asked to create a "hover over" showing the shape data. 
I found the instructions to do this and have set the user data and the misc/comments fields so that the hover over successfully shows the shape data labels. 
Now.. how do I get the hover over to show the shape data values? 
The shape data box (rightclick the shape choose data/shape data) shows the imported values just fine.


I did not fully understand your solution, but here's my try.

You're using the comment cell to display shape data  and want to have it as "field name" : "field value"

The displayed data must be constructed as string.

Say "A" is the name of your prop field, then the formula to write in the comment field would be:
= prop.A.Label & ": " & prop.A

If you want to add more properties, just append them by means of an "&" sign.

You may however also consider:
- data graphics (  https://support.office.com/en-us/article/data-graphics-an-overview-7b438c66-dfcc-4931-af85-05e5aa9bf929 )
- action tags (see picture)