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Started by maclarkson, September 19, 2019, 12:14:41 PM

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Quote from: maclarkson on September 29, 2019, 11:57:35 PM
Are you OK with this?

Absolutely, we'll need anyway to find a way to colaborate. For my part, I'm still sticking with my own version - it is simpler for me right now.


Actually it looks like I got confused I am using your database, Yasin. do you know why when I try to open your database I get vislib.dll missing?


I wrote the solution with late binding, because I didn't want to update the references at each office version change.Now working with "withevents" I'm anyway forced to use early binding. I'll upload a new release asap.


I have created a Onedrive folder that you should be able to get access to where we can store all our versions.

here's the link, I'll also put this at the top of the thread!Aqde3O9MB4omxxtPjYEyg27cgtFU?e=xEI2QD

I have asked paul herbert if he can open up a new forum named "VisioDB project" it could be a pain trying to collaborate in a single thread. If it gets too tough to do things in here we could potentially try some alternatives. I thought that Zoho Connect looked like a good one.

In the meantime can you tell me what the settings is in the settings table?


Hay Yasine,

I got in touch with Chris, who is happy to create a new forum for us, but I said I would investigate using git hub. I found this thread of git hub that talks about exporting everything as text files using this utility so you can put it into Git. I am in a mixed mind as to whether we should use git as it seems like a lot of work. exporting and importing our work through text files. Should we use it or go for a forum and we can use one drive for file storage?

How are you getting on with finding help on your code?



Hello Mike,
I think that Git would be a better idea, because we'd get an evolving project. With a simple shared directory, we'll end up with a bunch of versions that will get difficult to evaluate.
But let's work with it till we get stuck, we can move later on to Git.

I managed to solve the synchronization issue and am right now uploading my latest version.



Bang it into a new folder on that OneDrive and I am will be happy to put an update here and start a new version thread.


hay guess what I manage to get the visio template to source its drop down list from Access


Have you checked my upload?
I implemented already the dropdown feature. It's a prop field in the doc, being referenced by the shapes as format.


on the Visio side >> Zeichnung1.VSDM  has a custom toolbar. Extras can be tickled onto the toolbar such as Visio based forms and widgets to manipulate the Access data tables.

Yacines main form button > Open Visio <  should open the zeichnung1 vsdm (which in turn ,  should populate its custom tool bar).

my machine is set up for 64 bit applications. some reference library s may need checking on the Visio side.

uploaded  just now.


WOW!! looks amazing!! but how does it work?

Could we do a recorded skype session or something?

What time is good for you?

Cliff and I are in australia.


I keep getting the vislib error and a 40036 error?

Can anybody tell me why this might be?


I'm in Germany (UTC +2).  Me at 8am would be around 16pm your time. What about Saturday morning. We should however try the connection first (I don't trust my machine).

The vislib.dll error is a reference problem. Since I had to move from late to early binding. The code saves a reference to the visio library used. The error occurs when used with anoter Visio version.
To solve it: in die VBA IDE / Menu Extras / Refererences: uncheck the invalid link to the Visio library on top of the list and check the valid one further down the list. "Microsoft Visio xx Type Library".

The subform not finding its parent is a bug that just disappeared in my new update. I have no explanation for it.

Rgds, Y.


Cliff and I found the problem of vislib I have a missing ActiveX reference. How about 2ocklock on Sunday your time I think that's 10 o'clock our time.


Sunday 2pm is fine. I sent you a separate Skype invitation for testing for tomorrow around 7pm your time.