Show connected items only and hide not connected items

Started by Lidschi, September 06, 2019, 12:57:26 PM

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Dear Visioguys,
I have a flowchart with IT Infrastructure Assets in one swimlane and IT Application Assets in another swimlane. I have direct connections between one or more elements from the IT Applications to the IT Infrastructure, e.g. one element in IT Applications has three connections to three elements in the IT Infrastructure swimlane.
What I want is to click on any element (e.g. one IT Application) and let Visio only display elements from the IT Applications swimlane and the IT Infrastructure swimlane that are directly connected to the element that I selected.

Can you please help me?

Best regards


As an FYI, it's not necessary to double post.  The categories are topic guidelines, but there's no actual restrictions.  The title is usually sufficient clue re subject of post.

Check this link, it contains code that ought to be least a starting point:
Visio 2019 Pro