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Invalid Hyperlink
« on: August 14, 2019, 12:25:49 PM »
I’m on the latest version of Visio, Click to run version from 365 Plan 2
I'm currently working on a project to allow our business to become more process oriented and building a template and stencils based on our business requirements as an official project. I'm pulling my head out on a issue and hoping to pick the visio expert brains of the world. I think it is going to be simple but I've spent some hours trying to solve.
As a heads up, I've built this solution myself from the ground up over the last month and half or so in between other projects.
The Problem - I can't add an address OR sub address hyperlink to any of my master shapes. It says "Invalid Hyperlink. You must specify an address or sub-address."

I've googled for days and search this blog and other blogs, no one seems to have the same exact issue.  I feel at this point I’m versed enough in the Shape sheet (some formulas) and have been in Developer Mode with checking the behavior, protection, checking the Drawing explorer and Master Explorer. I have some data graphics applied to my stencil and everything works pretty well, minus this and the visio from SharePoint template not bringing in the Stencil, but that's separate hair pulling issue.
All I"ve done is manipulate the Basic Flow Chart Shapes of Activity, Decision, Start, and End by adding some Shape data and Data Graphics.
What doesn't work: When I drag my Activity shape from my Custom Master Stencil that I've configured onto the page I can't add a subaddress.
What works: IF I take the default "Activity" shape from the Basic FLow Chart shapes and NOT my stencil then YES I can add a link.
SO I know it has something to do with my Master, which I can't find and didn't do any special protection or behaviors, however it is grouped, probably because it is a Master in a Stencil or due to Data Graphics applied....I'm not sure. I have specific Shape Data fields applied but nothing crazy or out of the norm.
I’ve tried removing all the data graphics and manipulate the layers on the shapes. I have no VBA or Macro associations. I've tried adding new Hyperlink Lines to my Shape from the Shape sheet with zero formulas with no success. I have other basic shapes in my stencil that will let me add a hyperlink, but I haven't changed or added any shape data to them. I've spanned my Shape Data to no end and printed them as text files and stared at my shape sheet for hours, (no fun anymore).
One thing I have done, because you have to hover over a shape to see if the shape is hyperlinked. I've created a data graphic that also shows if something is hyperlinked in conjunction with having 4 shape data fields that are strings that contain the hyperlink and the data graphic shows when contains "http". This also has a formula in the shape sheet that only shows Hyperlinks when the shape data is present. I didn't want people to hover over a shape and see the 4 hyperlinks when they were blank in the SHape Data, so essentially they are sort of tied to the shape data, but only by a formula. Which looks like, =IF(FORMULAEXISTS(Prop.URLOutputProcess),LEN(Prop.URLOutputProcess)=0,TRUE)
This works really well and took me some time to figure out. But even if I remove that entirely or add new hyperlink rows with zero formulas in my shape it will not allow me to add a hyperlink address or subaddress.

I've attached a word doc that has some screen shots applied.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Tye


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Re: Invalid Hyperlink
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2019, 05:32:57 PM »
In your Word file, it appears that the entries in the address cell ought to be in the sub-address cell.

Other than that, I was able to create multiple links in same shape.  Each referring to different location.  Store the shape onto a stencil.  Then, drop shape back onto drawing page.  All links worked.  Even link that referenced a local shapedata entry.  Was able to edit and / or add new links.  So, basically, everything worked as expected.
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