Vertical baseline measurement orientation

Started by Chevytech, July 01, 2019, 09:48:55 PM

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See attached picture with explanation...

When I use a "Vertical Baseline" for dimensioning, the measurement is displayed on the left side.

I'd like to flip the displayed measurement to the right side of the line (so it can be used on the right side of the page and look consistent with what's on the left side).

I've spent the last 30 minutes digging through the bowels of Google and can't seem to find a solution.

How can I display the "Vertical Baseline" measurement on the right side?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate the guidance.


Select the dimension shape.  There are multiple control points.  Two to attach to the shape(s) being measured. One to move text span line closer or further away from measurement object, and lastly, one to merge e lynch reposition the text.  You want the 3rd control point.  Drag it to the right beyond the existing dimension lines.  The shape will now be oriented as desired.
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Thanks for your time. I tried doing as you said, but I may be doing something wrong.

I'm still unable to get the measurement to show on the right side of the line.

I've attached a Visio drawing with two vertical baselines (one on each side).

Would you mind seeing if you can make this change? I'm not above sending beer in the mail for help!  ;)

Paul Herber

It looks like there is not a control handle for the location of the text. The way to do it is via the shapesheet.
Open the shapesheet editor, expand the forground pages button and go to the appropriate page, find the shape name.
In this case it's Vertical.baseline.26, expand that shape, then expand the Shapes section.
Having done some exploring I have discovered that for this shape the text is contained within the 4th shape within the group, open the shapesheet editor for this part and
scroll down to the Text Transform section, there is a cell named TxtPinY that contains the formula =Height.
Edit this cell and change it to =Height-0.2in.
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you sure this is not an orientation problem

top to bottom ==> text on left
bottom to top ==> test on right

As paul mentioned, you could modify the shape (text box) or even make your own.


Thank you so much gentlemen, I appreciate the help.