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Started by tranky, April 08, 2009, 05:42:52 AM

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I am very new to Visio and need some help creating some 3d images. Namely a petrol pump and a conveinience shop.

If someone could please show me how to create images and 3d ones or alternaltey create the shapes for me that would be very much appreciated.

Sorry for my very limitted knowledge.



Theres alot of things you can do:

1- You can make a simplified shape, that has less detail, but people will still recognize
2- You can make use images
3- You can make a complex shape, that has all the detail

Personaly I prefer the first, but it depends alot on the other shapes you are using.

You can also consider tracing a picture

- Lars

Visio Guy

Hi tranky,

You can also import images/bitmaps into Visio and use them as shapes. Of course, you don't get the nice vector-printing benefits that native shapes have, but for smaller shapes, images work just fine.

You can make the area around the image transparent so that the imported images don't always have a rectangular form. Have a look at this article for more on working with images: Create Clean & Tidy Visio Shapes Using Images With Transparent Backgrounds
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