Multipage Drawings - Shape zoom to PDF (hyperlinks)

Started by AllenDiesel, December 05, 2018, 03:10:26 PM

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Im fairly new to Visio and this forum.. so excuse me if this should be posted in another forum here.

I am making large scale diagrams and am having issues with hyperlinks and shape zoom%.
The hyperlinks created go to the correct shape, and zoom appropriately within VISIO -- but when I save as a PDF these attributes no longer work.
Is there a way to save shape data when saving my document as a PDF?

Also, is there a way to create a "Back" button on pages, that operates similarly to a browser back button?
For example... Say I am on page 2 and I click a hyperlink that takes me to page 9... Is there a way to make a button (that works when saved to PDF) to be able to just go "back" to the previous page?

Lastly, Are there ways to create drop down lists naming specific pages... and then once using the dropdown... be taken to a certain page selected on the menu?

Are any of these features able to be done in Visio and also still functioning when saved in a PDF format??
Can anyone lead me in a good direction as far as what I can do to make my diagrams better and more interactive in PDF Format??

Thanks so much,


Even have tried Adobe Acrobat Pro to "Save as Adobe PDF" to retain shape data and the zoom function still does not work on my hyperlinks. Any ideas?


This post may help for the Shape Data issue

It's possible to make a Back button with VBA. See the attached example for a sample implementation of page navigation

You can manually change zoom levels of each hyperlink in pdf. See a similar question in Adobe forum


Thanks so much for your help!!!

The forum post you linked to about the shape data in PDF is awesome... so is the macro you posted on the visio file there.
I cannot get that Macro to work on a shape when made into a PDF. Is it possible?
Sorry for the newbie questions

Hey Ken


   I've been routinely distributing my Visio drawings as PDFs for years, and I've come up against the same challenges.

   I've found no way to make Visio shape data accessible in the resultant PDF.  You could always copy it to a separate page and hyperlink to it, but with large drawings this becomes cumbersome.  I could imagine writing some VBA which would create the extra page, copy the shape data to it, and hyperlink to it from the original shape, but I've never had the need.  (Regarding metuemre's suggestion, I don't have Acrobat Standard, so that solution isn't an option.  Also, if you distribute your drawings as html, be warned they're HUGE!  And unfortunately Nikolay's SVG's export did not work for me.)

   I've found no way to create a generic back button in Visio that operates in the PDF.  By generic, I mean a button that returns you to whatever page you were on before.  Instead, I use PDF functionality to do the back.  In every drawing I distribute, I have the following instructions:


PDF in a browser window: Use alt-left arrow. 

PDF in Adobe: Add a Back button to the toolbar by clicking on:
  • View
  • Show/Hide
  • Toolbar Items
  • Page Navigation
  • Previous View
The Back button will appear alongside the zoom control icons.

   On the brighter side, I have found a way to make Visio dropdowns operational in a PDF, but it's not pretty.

   Before you ask, I've also found no way to have a file of any sort embedded in a Visio diagram that can be accessible in a PDF.  See the tale of my woes.

   Also, be careful with huge Visio files.  I've had much trouble with them in the past.

   Good luck!  And I hope you don't need it.

   - Ken

Ken V. Krawchuk
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You are welcome  ;).

I didn't understand your question about the macro. Macro for page navigation in the sample file works only in Visio. Those buttons are already available in Adobe Acrobat. Go to View-Page Navigation. You can also put them on the Acrobat toolbar for easy access.