Archimate Stencil with R click to change icon

Started by bilten, November 20, 2018, 12:50:32 AM

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Hello All,

What I am attempting to do is have a rounded rectangle shape with the function icon changeable via a right click. I have been able to make this partially functional via layers with actions attached to the sheet its self. What I want to do is have the code and actions attached to the base shape. I have read through posts by Yacine, Surrogate, Wrapperdude to name a few all very close to what I am aiming for but not close enough for me to make the leap. Any help would be appreciated. I can attach some of my attempts if that would be helpful.

Thank you,


An example or two would be great.  Note, as I've not upgraded, I can only look at VSD format.  The others can work with vsdx.  So choose either or both, someone ought to be able to contribute.

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