Hide a Text Data Graphic for a particular text value

Started by kentlhurst, March 20, 2019, 05:11:42 PM

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I have configured a text data graphic to display the value of a shape data element. I would like to hide that graphic on shapes for which the value of that shape data element is blank. Any chance this is an easy fix?

Visio Guy

Hi Kent,

I couldn't find any options for doing this, so I dug into the Data Graphics elements and did a simple bit of ShapeSheet maneuvering. If you're not familiar with the ShapeSheet, and the internal structure of Visio diagrams, this is decidedly NOT simple, so don't feel bad!

If you are a Visio Nerd like a lot of us on this forum, then enjoy looking inside the Text callout hide blank data graphic item that I have edited.

There are more notes in the attached Visio file...
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