Author Topic: freeze Dimension Line Length when i vary length of the End Line to shape points  (Read 270 times)

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visio - how can i freeze Dimension Line Length when i vary the length of the dimension's end lines to the shape points?
My terms, assuming an Horizontal dimension line:
- Dimension Line: the horizontal line between two end points, usually marked with arrows, slashes, etc.
- "end lines": the 2 vertical lines that go from the horizontal line to the points on a shape.
The problem i'm experiencing is this:
1. i use a stencil/shape to create a horizontal dimension line for, say, a square box.
2. i extend one of the End Lines to lower (or higher) than the other End Line.
3. but then my extending also changes the length of the horizontal line (the dimension.
(i've google a lot on this topic and finding absolutely nothing.  maybe i'm using wrong terminology - ?)