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Started by alk, October 05, 2018, 05:45:03 AM

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Does Visio have an option to use global styles [as in CorelDraw]. If I have a number of objects on a number of pages and I want to change the color/line weight of these objects on, is there an option to setup a group style for these objects, if so please give detailed clarification or send link


No, each Visio document have own set of local themes and styles !


Having styles and themes stored in documents is nothing that would stop you from applying them to shapes, would it?
By the way you can store styles in stencils.


Yacine- please can you send me a Visio file with an example of what you mean, ie. place a few shapes [triangles and circles] on different pages and link them, so that when one triange shape color is changed, the other trianges also change color but not the circles


@Yacine, you are right. But user must open stencil with these styles for each document ! IMHO This is way can help to users. But it is not ABSOLUTELY GLOBAL styles.

@alk, you must do these steps:
1. Create your own styles.
2. Apply these styles for some shapes
3. Create new stencil
4. Drag each shape with applied style to the stencil
5. Save this stencil to sub-folder
C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Shapes
Like as in this video: Visio. How make custom fill pattern availible for many documents?