Animation: Quarry

Started by cliff50, October 21, 2018, 03:55:29 AM

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here is my model of mining equipment.
select the bulldozer or the truck in the UI and then activate the menu button options to see the machines drive about.

I wuz wondering any thoughts how to go about making the bulldozer push the pile of dirt. or the truck drop the dirt.

what methods are around to action multiple events simultaneously.

"a moving fill effect option" in visio would open new frontiers for me.
e.g.  "rain drops " or "snow fall" fill effect , is that possible ?



attached video mp4


Hey cliff50,

Nice animation.  Yes,  it is possible to have multiple objects move.  See;u=74  and

These are quite old, so the animation methodology may have improved.  Basically, master clock provides timing of all events.

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