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Shape behave like toggle button
« on: September 24, 2012, 08:39:09 AM »

I´m new in Visio but i already used some topics here to create some toggle button to put layers visibility "on" and "off". It was very helpful.
The problem i have now is just that togglebuttons when inserted in visio are only rectangular, but in my work sheet i need them as a decision shape that can not be rectangular. My question is: is there any way that i can make a regular shape that i have to be a toggle button? Or can i insert a triangular toggle button?
I tried changing the one that I have by just rotating them, but when deactivating the design mode, a rectangular button shows above the rotated shape part of the button.



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Re: Shape behave like toggle button
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 10:28:43 PM »
not too bad

- select one of your rectangle toggle buttons
- right click and select shapesheet
- Go to Geometry section (geometry1)
- Edit the x,y cells and edit the line type via edit==>change row type

For example to make a diamond out of rectangle in say Geometry 1  (once you are in the shapesheet, you get the idea of the labeling below)

geometry1 row 1 was [move to, width*0, height*0] but now would be [move to, width*0.5, height*0]
geometry1 row 2 was [line, width*1, height*0]  but now would be [line, width*1, height*0.5]
geometry1 row 2 was [line, width*1, height*1]  but now would be [line, width*0.5, height*1]
geometry1 row 2 was [line, width*0, height*1]  but now would be [line, width*0, height*0.5]
geometry1 row 2 was [line, geometry1.x1, geometry1,y1]  but now would be [line, geometry1.x1, geometry1.y1]

Now have a diamond with all the same attributes as the square