Author Topic: Simple shape with Picture on Top and Text on Bottom? Why doesn't Microsoft have?  (Read 4168 times)

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I am doing a family tree and I am looking for a simple square/rectangle shape with your picture at the top and your Name/Position at the bottom.
I want it in a way such that there is no blank space for max efficiency.

Why isn't there such a default shape?

Also I am looking to change the background of the shape into Flag colors. So some members are European, others are American, others are Canadian. I would like to have different backgrounds for each person.


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Why isn't there such a default shape?

Because Visio is a generic program that caters to the needs of many users and they cannot hope to imagine what every user thinks should be a default shape.

The good news is that you can create your own shape ("Master"), store it in your own stencil (template or document) and use it whenever you want. In addition, with some good ShapeSheet formula, you could even have a tailored background fore ach person based on the flag of their birth (I assume that is what you meant).

To achieve this, you must go on a small learning curve:
  • How to group shapes
  • How to edit the ShapeSheet
  • How to link sub-group shape displays to the parent group shape data (i.e. set your country data in the Group shape and let a specific subshape react to that data
  • How to turn a shape into a Master
  • How to manage stencils

At the end of this learning curve you will understand the power of Visio and will probably never create a "simple" shape again!. The steps above do not require any VBA coding.