Steam Tram Animation in Visio

Started by cliff50, September 01, 2018, 07:43:11 AM

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steam tram  animation
check references.
MAIN button runs program
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So cool!

(click the image below to see the gif animation)
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hey M8 
how do I export from visio to GIF
I currently using active presenter to create MP4 or WVM animation ? but I think GIF may be a better option,


Where do we buy tickets to go for a ride.  I think GIF or MP4 would work fine for "older" Visio users.

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Hi Wapperdude
I been creating animations for the local rail museum here.
The model is of a antique "Purrey" steam tram circa 1905 which they have here in the local museum, and it runs every sunday. rides are only $2.50 AUD per person,  "clickity-clack up the track and back".

now I am trying to use some of Junes spreadsheet formulas to create a model of a C17 class steam Locomotive in the museum, the push rod action to the drive wheel would be ideal use for the formulas.

The reason I ask about the GIF conversion is I found I can add steam wisps to the smoke stack etc.