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Started by dtallent, July 27, 2018, 08:57:54 PM

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I am curious has anyone played around with our found 3D images. I fund there use to be a tab under format shape to create a 3D image but my copy does not have it. I guess the smaller version does not come with 3D.  Here is what I am trying to do. I am currently drawing our apartments in visio to create a blueprint of sort. For marketing purposes, I m wondering if there is some way I can create a 3D image of the apartment. I am also trying to find maybe 3D images of furniture. Has anyone seen anything like this or know if it is even possible?


3D is a somehow vast concept.
Real 3D: go for instance with https://www.sketchup.com
Pseudo 3D: shadows, depth and other embelishments ... best would be to find the style you're looking for by googling some images and providing the links.Visio offers also the ability to add pseudo 3D depth to shapes. This something that can be explored for realising 3D layouts.

... so far looking forward to read more.
cheers, Y.



Sketchup is true 3D (uses quadraions -sp- vs Visio using euler), its UI sucks...ohhh did I mention it sucks?  it really sucks.

Sketchup had the potential to do a lot....UI was problem (context sensitive keys), scripting tough (R I think).
It is now used primarily to model house, building, furniture, etc....target prof/amateur architects

good luck


@dtallent - I have drawn plans in Visio (2-D floor plans) and then used Blender (freeware) to create a 3-D model. A bit of a learning curve to achieve this but not a large barrier to get across.

General comment: This could probably be automated - Blender can be automated - but I have not put any thought into how to get information out of Visio into Blender in a form that would enable the creation of walls, windows etc.