Add on failing when I rename a shape in a stencil that it is suposed to use

Started by PF4VisioGuy, July 11, 2018, 06:28:44 PM

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Hi guys

do you have any idea where else am I supposed to change the name of a shape in a stencil?
I have an add on that uses shapes that I am supposed to name in a config file
If I drag a shape from one stencil to the one used  by my add on and I keep the name the add on works
As soon as I change the name in the config file and rename the shape accordingly in the vss the addon fails.
This makes me believe that the old name is in the shape property sheet somewhere.
Do you guys know where that could be ?

Paul Herber

Shapes have a Name and a NameU property. NameU being the Universal name and Name being the local name. Here is a typical usage for this. You have an addon that looks for a shape called Box, so you set the shape NameU to this and use the shape NameU in all your code. However, you also want to distribute your work in other langauges, so you create a French version and set the shape Name to BoƮte, but leave the NameU as Box. Your addon uses the shape NameU and doesn't care what the local Name is.
Renaming the shape changes its Name, not the NameU (execept the first time it is changed). Does you addon use the Name or NameU?
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