Improve SAP process awareness with Microsoft Visio

Started by bzinchenko, May 16, 2018, 05:53:35 AM

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Visualization of business processes in BPMN is among strongest features available in recent releases of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and SAP Solution Manager. Graphical design of new processes and compact visual representation of existing processes significantly simplify user perception of all complexities behind versatile SAP system landscape.

However, direct access to these impressive architectural innovations still demand substantial experience in SAP, relevant education and skills. It might impact the speed and quality of workflow adoption across organizations implementing modern SAP solutions. On another hand, wide process awareness is known as a key factor of success in digital transformation of enterprises.

Microsoft Visio and SharePoint serve as an ideal platform to instantly boost process collaboration across an organization, evangelize benefits of process management to all users, radically decrease learning curves and instantly improve process efficiency due to amplified visual perception of corporate business models and behavioral patterns.

Enterprise Composer ( and Enterprise Explorer ( ensure smooth, elegant and affordable discovery, systematization, aggregation, publication and reporting on SAP business processes for organizations of any size in a familiar and widely spread environment of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio and SharePoint, both on premise and in Microsoft Cloud.