dimensions fix when changing room wall sizes

Started by RobJ, October 31, 2017, 04:18:46 PM

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I am trying to change the wall thickness on a room. I have done this by editing the master shape (I want to add it into favourites), then opening the group and resetting the wall thickness for all the walls. So far so good. I then finish editing the master, put it on the drawing (where my new wall thicknesses are correctly displayed) and click on it. On the original master the room dimensions are displayed with the room when it is selected, but not on my edited room. If I go back into the edited master and highlight two of the walls after opening the group the dimensions appear, but when using the master the dimensions are then permanently displayed whether selected or not. visBESelected in the shapesheet changes from 0 to 1 on select/deselect of the edited room, the shapesheets of the two rooms (original master and edited master) are identical, obviously I have broken a link somewhere. Can anyone help? Editing the document stencil master to display and hide the wall dimensions is a little tedious!