Batch re-size of stencil shapes with text

Started by AaronPOMT, November 05, 2017, 10:42:16 PM

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Our company use Visio to draw schematic wiring diagrams. We have created many custom stencils with shapes that have been exported from AutoCAD.

At the moment, using an A1 titleblock, we are finding it tiresome having to drag each required shape into the drawing, using a select window and re-sizing the shapes and text to fit into the paper space because the number of shapes on each schematic will differ greatly depending on the size of the job.

We would like to ask if there is a way to batch re-size shapes on each stencil so that the shape size and text size are uniform.

We have already looked into the "Size and Position" window and changing the page scale, but this does not fix the issue because the text size does not change and each shape is a different size depending on what piece of equipment it is representing.

At the end of the day, we would like to batch edit the shapes on each stencil so that they are a standard size that is readable when used in a schematic diagram.

I have attached a visio drawing with examples of different shapes that we use.

Any help that you can provide is much appreciated.

Thank you


The whole scenario sounds wrong in too many ways.

In technical drawings (specially schematic diagrams) not the drawing elements (shapes) should be scaled, but the page. That is what the different page sizes are for.

You could of course get an answer to your exact question (namely changing the page scale and setting the font size to a length unit (in or mm) instead of pt), but in my opinion your problem lays in a fundamental mistake.

May be you could describe more in depth how you are working.



Yacine is correct.  Typical drawing standards --- especially military standards --- generally dictate a common size for text and individual schematic objects, primarily for clarity and legibility.  If an A-size sheet is not large enough to place all of the elements, you don't reduce the size of the elements, you use a larger (i.e., B-, C-, -D, or -E) -size sheet.

For instance, I use an E-size (34" x 44") sheet for all of my schematics, with 18pt font and 10mm spacing between connector points on objects.  If I need a printed copy for reference, I can print this out --- as a PDF or hardcopy --- on a B-size (11" x 17") sheet and it meets my minimum size requirements.

But, as Yacine says, while it seems strange, maybe you've got a different system or strategy in place.
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