Auto Number Instances of Master Upon Creation

Started by donpaul321, October 26, 2017, 05:23:52 PM

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I can't figure out how to create a master capable of auto generating id numbers upon instantiation. I will try to demonstrate what I mean below.

If I drag and drop multiple instances of the master shape on to the drawing board, I want the top id number (or designator) to increment by 1(see pic below).

I would like to have a a "Designator" field as part of the shape's data to store the id number in (see pic below)

The following help links don't quite get me the results I need:

Any help would be appreciated!



The auto-number add-in only keeps tracks of total number of shapes, not shapes by specific master.  Plus, there's the issue of gaps when a previously counted shape is deleted.

Anyway, check this post.  Last entry has 2 additional links.  Also, try searching forum for numbering shapes, or SLT.

A related topic that might be helpful or provide insight/ideas:

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Thanks Wapperdude! I'll do some more digging around.