Exploring new sharepoint framework (SPFx)

Started by Nikolay, October 15, 2017, 04:27:33 PM

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Recently started exploring new SharePoint Framework

Currently available in SharePoint Online, and in SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 2 (just released)

That allows "modern" SharePoint pages with client-side web parts, built using up-to-date frontend (web) technologies (node, npm, gulp, react, yeoman, vs code, and all that stuff)

So far looks good. Check out the tutorial (6 videos, the link above) - I would highly recommend that, the guy knows what he's talking about, no marketing bullshit :)
Will try to pack my "script editor" into a a self-sufficient web part (.sppkg), so that it can be used as a self-sufficient app.


Thank you for the post Nikolay,
it is at the same time inspiring, intimidating, daunting and overwhelming.

Sharepoint is a *GREAT* tool. So much automation, so much interarction. But would I really want to dive so deep in it?
The tutorial is meant for real pros, not users.

What Sharepoint plan are you using? Are you paying it yourself, or does your employer cover the costs?

BTW, your tool is cool, alas is requires SP.


For myself (playing with stuff), I use SharePoint Online ($5 / month),
In the company / companies, it is 99% in-house installation (on-premise, or whatever it's called).

BTW, the svg-export tool does not require SP.
It CAN use SharePoint (has SharePoint bindings), but it works quite safely without it as well (can simply write to html file) :)



Don't worry - its actually getting better! It used to be much worse  :o

For now I've managed to build and put the .sppkg to app catalog for the VisioOnline script editor part, but still kind of in progress..  :o


Anyway SP is tool for enterprises and big companies.
My company (IT integration, about 400 employes) have own portal based on SP !
it is very poor, main purpose is labor accounting

Paul Herber

As SharePoint requires Windows Server as its OS it is a bit restricted in its target audience as far as I'm concerned.
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