A reference list in the user-defined Cells section?

Started by wlofab, March 18, 2009, 03:10:08 PM

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My question is rather simple.
I have a list of colour which is used in different part of my shapesheet, for example:
(list in custom properties)

A function that I would appreciate would be to define this list in a row of "the user-defined cells" section and then to call this list as a source for my "custom properties" or even call this index for the name menus of the actions row..

I hope it's clear...

Visio Guy

Hi Wlofab,

You can use the color items for your menu text. I do it all the time:

  Actions.Colour_0.Menu = INDEX(0, User.FormatList)
  Actions.Colour_1.Menu = INDEX(1, User.FormatList)
  Actions.Colour_2.Menu = INDEX(2, User.FormatList)
  Actions.Colour_3.Menu = INDEX(3, User.FormatList)

Also, you should have a different formula in your Format cell:

  Prop.Colour.Format = User.FormatList

And one more:

  User.ColorPicker = LOOKUP( Prop.Colour, User.FormatList )
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Hi Visio Guy,

Thanks for your fast answer.
Okay so finally it works.

I've already tried what you said for the Prop.Colour.Format Value
QuoteProp.Colour.Format = User.FormatList

and it didn't worked out, but watching it more thoroughly after your post, I found out that I had to remove the quotation mark which are added automatically when you click on the cell destination and then press enter...

Now everything is fine. thanks again for your help.