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Started by alk, August 09, 2017, 11:31:16 AM

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Help, I have lost visibility of my icons on my toolbars-see top and center of page.
Any suggestions :'( ?


Try resetting custom toolbars: Find and delete file named "custom12.vsu" on your drive


I assume you did all that already, but just to be sure:

-restart visio

Maybe the icon files got deleted (check for that - they should be somewhere in your installation directory)
Possibility its a windows bug (wrong placement of the window - clipping - loss of icons?) -a simple reboot should do though

If all this doesnt work:

Hail Mary:
-reinstall addins
-reinstall visio
-look for the registry entries and delete them while reinstalling.

But before you go all Rambo on your files, maybe someone else has an esier way ;)


I have tried a visio repair and a re-install still no luck!
Nikolai- where do I find custom12.vsu ?
Any other suggestions?


Please follow the white rabbit the link above :)
This file name is for Visio 2007. If you have a different version, it may be named like custom11.vsu, or custom14.vsu


okay I found custom12.vsu and deleted it, I lost my custom toolbars but at least the icons came back.
However now the icons are appearing and dissappering intermittently.
I will try a reboot and hope for the best, but am somehow sceptic!


problem solved, my dear father-in-law was able to put the rightful blame on Microsoft Windows, I did a restore to earlier point and the problem stopped!