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Started by Yacine, August 07, 2017, 04:46:39 PM

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Hello guys,
I've been banging my head about this problem for months without getting any further.

The setting:
A drawing page with a width set to multiples of a regular page. The height stays constant.
When printing, I distribute of course the drawing to the according number of pages across.
Each "printing" page gets its own frame of which I calculate the position and width.

The problem:
The page breaks that Visio sets are at a slightly bigger pace than the calculate width.
So when printing, the frames travel left or right.

I noticed also at large number of pages, that the last page Visio sets is narrower than the others.

The difficulty is that so many parameters are involved: page left and right margin, pagesize, etc.
I would be very grateful, if someone could help.





Not sure, well, probably true, that I don't fully understand.  Also, I rarely use the Visio expand page need.

But, if I were approaching this, initially, I would add a border shape to a background shape.  Then, each page would reference the background.  Presumably the feature allows that.  Then, as Visio adds pages, the background should insure every page is full width...he says naively.  (Plus, the borders will clearly define the drawing area)...but you undoubtedly know all of that.

Then, in print setup, make sure there's no scaling, everything is 100%.  May have to set the printer for borderless printing.

That would be my initial approach, then make adjustments as needed.

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