A short survey about Visio learning and certification

Started by bVisual, June 21, 2017, 10:47:56 AM

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This forum is a great place for some Visio users and developers to discuss topics, but I wish that Microsoft still had exams for various levels of Visio expertise.
This would bolster personal CVs and I think they should count towards one or more competencies for Microsoft partners. I have constructed a short survey to test my proposition. Please visit  https://blog.bvisual.net/2017/06/21/a-short-survey-about-learning-visio for more information.


Hi David,

Interesting survey.  Seemed like question 1 needed one more entry...regularly create shapes, stencils and/or templates.
Also, there is another category of user...experienced power user, consultant/contributor.

Other than the above mentioned, nit-picky, comments, the survey struck me as rather complete. 

Oh, perhaps add notification so that once  the submit button pushed, a thank you splashes up to let the user know the process is complete and finished.


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