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Visio Online - new technology!
« on: June 04, 2017, 04:42:27 AM »
Recently took some time to look at the "underlying" technology of Visio Online (hit F12 and dig into the sources). WOW! :)

First point: they finally stopped fooling around with "bitmaps" (PNG images really) and region markups (used in SP Visio Services before), and switched to SVG rendering, with all it's pluses and minuses. What it means - it should provide crisp rendering and limitless possibilities for visuals and scripting, but performance and bandwidth may suffer for very complex drawings.

Second point: rendering does not seem to be that tightly bound to SharePoint anymore! It's built into the new Office Online server, which can be used even without SharePoint. What this means - you can embed visio diagrams rendered with office online on your website or web application, and these diagrams can be even stored on your website. Tried to build a simple page on the site: (the viewing works, but that diagram now comes in the end from an Office 365 site. What I did not check is if it can come from some unrelated site, i.e. with WOPI server implementation). The diagram should come from a "trusted partner" site (or microsoft site). If you have on-premise install of Office Online Server, then you are in control of that.

Third point: VSD (yes, good old VSD) is supported.

From the first view- Bravo to Visio team!:)

From developer's point of view, it would be nice to see Visio support for Office Javascript Add-ins (in the store) and the support for the Script Lab :)
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