Polygons and Polylines skewed when opening a drawing

Started by Miki, May 25, 2017, 09:08:58 PM

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I have encountered a weird problem (?bug?) in Visio 2013 Professional where my polygons and polylines are weirdly skewed.
I have a drawing where I have various polygons and lines. I have multiple pages in a file, say P1, P2, P3...
When I save my file and close it and then reopen it, all my polygons and lines will be skewed. But when I select them and move it up and down, they all get fixed.
Here is a picture on how the polygons look like after being skewed.

Here is how it should look like:

It only happens when I have more than 1 page in the file and happens on non-visible page.
So for e.g.: If I have pages P1, P2 and P3. All having same shapes in same location. Then I am on P1. I save the file and close it.
Then I reopen the file again and P1 shows up. Everything on P1 is ok. But when I go to P2 or P3, all my polygons are skewed as shown in the picture.

Can anyone tell me whether it is a bug or a problem on my end.
Why is this happening? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

The shapes can be fixed by doing on of the following:
1. Select all and bring to front
2. Select all and move them
3. Select a shape and go to its shapesheet and update any cell. For e.g.: click on "Width", hit F2 and hit Enter.

Any input will be helpful on this.
Thank you.

- Miki


Lacking V2013, I can't be of specific help, but...

You might try copying all the shapes, close existing file and start new file, paste, save.  Edit Visio, re-start and open new file.  All should be ok.  Now copy all and paste on new page.  Go back to 1st page, save and exit.  Re-launch Visio.  Did your problem re-appear on page 2?

If not, could be your old file has a corruption.  If problem returned, could you up load and let someone else with V2013 give it a try?  That way can confirm a bug or an installation issue.

Visio 2019 Pro


Sounds like an updating issue.
Could you upload a sample?


check shapesheet cell values before and after....see if they change or the drawing engine has a bug.
   if they do change, try putting guard around one of the geometry cells.
I assume no 3D here....that will munge the shapes unless grouped.

2013 PRO has quirks but I haven't seen this one on my system.


Sorry for getting back late....Holiday weekend!

First of all, thank you for your inputs.

It turns out that this problem was caused due to the "PLAN" add-on that gets activated when you use the "Space" shape from the "Walls, Shells and Structures" stencil. It was affecting the polygons made using the "Space" shape and all other polylines as well.
I was able to move away from using the "Space" shape of "Walls, Shells and Structures" stencil and transfer the drawing to a new file which solved the problem.

Can this be categorized as a bug in Visio 2013?

- Miki


FYI...I strongly suspect there is (are) cell (s)  in the space shape that the addon uses to identify the shape for processing
(maybe its the title of the shape).

At any rate, whatever the "handle" is, you can change it and the add on would ignore the shape.