Author Topic: List shape with fixed position and minimum size  (Read 841 times)

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List shape with fixed position and minimum size
« on: May 23, 2017, 03:34:20 AM »

I'm searching for a way to pin a list shape to the upper left corner of a page and have a minimum size.

I want to use the shape for its automatic stacking behavior (without exposing new features to the end users) but ran into two problems. The page size is fixed and I wanted to put a list without fill color and border on it. I can start with a certain size and position but as soon as a shape gets added to it the shape resizes to the shape's size and "moves" to its position. This means that the end users can't just add additional shapes to the rest of the page. They wouldn't end up in the list.

User.msvSDContainerResize and User.msvSDContainerLocked are getting ignored. Changes to Height and Width get reset immediately and PinX and PinY get reset on the next change.

I could increase User.msvSDContainerMargin to a value that spans the whole page so that it would be covered but the behavior is very weird because of the automatic move. I could add an invisible shape to the list to give it a fixed starting position but that shape will show when the end users rearrange the "real" shapes in the list. It's the best idea I can come up with.

Any thoughts?