Author Topic: How do I change org chart shape text fields to use for 100s of employee shapes?  (Read 1743 times)

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I am working with HR folks to make the org charting process more efficient and minimize manual work on each page.  We are a large organization and the standard shapes must be made smaller to fit the pages.  We can do that, but we've hit a snag with the org chart employee shape text fields.  We need one name field and another field with job series and pay level in a row, rather than two boxes stacked vertically in the standard org chart shapes. 

The text block tool works to move them, but is not efficient for the number of employees we have.  How do I efficiently assign the text fields to a single row in the shape so that I can apply it to all employee shapes in the org chart?

Attached is a small org chart, with the long, skinny boxes showing the employee info text boxes aligned in a row, which is the desired outcome.  At the bottom of the tab are four new shapes, all standard, that need the text fields aligned in a row.  I ask for your suggestions on the best way to do this.