Condensing or Collapsing a Timeline

Started by jroduner, April 19, 2017, 03:58:38 PM

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I'm working in Visio 2013 and I've created a timeline using the Timeline Shape "Line timeline".  There is a huge gap(1/1/1986 to 1/1/2005) in time on the timeline and I'm trying to condense or collapse the timeline.  I found some information online stating to edit the master by right clicking on the Timeline Shape but I don't have to option to edit the master (it's greyed out).  Is there a way to do this, my boss needs to do a presentation and would like to be able to condense or collapse the timeline.  I appreciate the feedback.  I apologize if I'm not using correct terminology for what I need to accomplish.


Not aware of a "condensing" feature.  How about placing 2 timelines end to end?  The other, more common approach is one master timeline with minimal details plus expanded timelines that show "exploded" regions of interest on the master.

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Condensing seems to be only a matter of width. You can glue the end point of the time line to a shape that you can move around and adjust this way the width of timeline.
If the number of divisions is an issue, you may make the division scale dependent on the width of the line (in the shapesheet).