Problem printing a4 sheet shape

Started by Pilot65, April 09, 2017, 01:32:11 PM

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Electrical schematics in Visio 2016:
I have made a shape of an A4 drawing background with title boxes etc, size 210x297.
Now I select a larger work area, eg A2 (just in case the drawing grows out of space inside the A4 perimeter), and drop that shape onto it, and do my drawing inside that A4 shape.
All this works OK, but when I print this to an A4 paper things go wrong... either Visio want to spread my drawing over several (4) pages or it prints only a portion of the drawing. Believe I've tried any and all settings but nothig works.
All I want is to print out a shape of A4 size and have it scaled so that with margins it fills a single sheet of A4 paper.


That methodology won't work.  Either the entire A2 will be shrunk to a single A4, or it will be divided up and printed on multiple A4s.

Your options:
1)  stick to A4, if overflow, change drawing scale to make contents fit on single page
2)  plan your drawing so that it splits to mltiple pages nicely...that's what offsheet connectors are for
3)  increase foreground/background page size to capture your schematic, than print entire page to single A4.  Option here, change page scale to make the contents fill page.  This is just a variation of (1) above.

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