looking for Ethernet/USB cable stencils + back of general PC

Started by able9, March 09, 2009, 08:41:38 PM

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I am looking for any free Visio stencils that woud show the last couple of inches of a standard USB and Ethernet cable. I am also looking for the back of a generic PC that would show the standard USB/Ethernet ports. For example, I could create a drawing that would show the back of a generic PC and a Ethernet cable near the Ethernet port, thus showing where/how the Ethernet cable goes into the PC. Same for the USB cable......

Anybody know if there is anything like that around?

Thanks for your time and help.



You might want to check out this site, it lists a slew of 3rd party sites that offer shapes/stencils.  There is a section on networks.

You could make your own shapes.  Download a picture and turn it into a shape.  Check out Visio Guy's article:  http://www.visguy.com/2009/02/17/clean-and-tidy-shapes-with-png-images/.  For example, you could make a shape of a usb connector, place one at the port & one at the pc and connect them with the connector tool.

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