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Started by billiam, March 07, 2009, 09:12:18 PM

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I would like to figure out how to add connectors on the fly.  Visio's UML sequence diagram object lifeline shape can do it.  Basically, as you resize the shape, it keeps adding connectors.  How is this accomplished.  I need to figure out how it is done so that I can create my own shapes that have the same functionality.  Please help!!

Paul Herber

These are connection points, no, they aren't created on the fly but they are made visible on the fly. I do the same with a similar shape in my SDL/UML shapes at:
You are quite welcome to download it and have a look at the shape (you will have to also run the add on), right-clicking on the Instance axis shape menu -> Add Connection Points will add a load of connection points, you can repeat this many times to get thousands of connection points. But they are hidden unless the instance is of sufficient length.

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Perhaps the attached code might help. It's material that is part of a demo-project on analyzing visio connections/paths.



did I read your post incorrectly?

"A yes the database wizard, I was secretly hoping you used an other method. The template I'm making need a link between Excel and Visio, but the other direction (Visio to Excel). I cant seem to find a way to get this to work."



Back to the original question about how these connections are added "on the fly".  If you open the shapesheet, you will see there are multiple geometry entries.  These entries are sequentially added to the overall shape based upon the height as it is stretched.  As Paul indicated, they're not added on the fly, but rather made visible.  In fact, only a limited number can be added, based upon the total number of geometry shapes defined.

Hope this helps.
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