Author Topic: Save Visio drawing with embedded object as a PDF, and have the object clickable  (Read 4469 times)

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Hey Ken

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   Finally found the time to say thanks for the thoughts.  Sorry, but I can’t send you the file that crashed.  I’m not authorized to sign NDAs; and at almost 30 meg, I’m not sure I could get the beast out the door!  Regardless, since the sizes of SVGs and Visio’s native HTML export are similar—and much too large!—it wouldn’t really buy me anything if you could fix it.  Of course it’d help you.  ;- )


   Not sure that’d work.  I generate the PDF from the Visio, then distribute that.  No VBA in Adobe, no EventDoubleClick shapesheet cell.

   Congrats on your 1,000th post!  Sounds like lots of people got helped.

   Thanks everyone for the thoughts, as always.

   - Ken

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so you are putting a PDF in visio then PDF the resulting document?
Never did that before...cant really help you