Author Topic: Adding links within org chart and exporting to PDF  (Read 3002 times)

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Adding links within org chart and exporting to PDF
« on: February 06, 2017, 01:21:35 PM »
Hello, I am fairly new to this, apologies if it has been addressed in the past.

I used the org chart wizard to develop a chart from data in an excel file. The resulting diagram was messy, but included links when people had roles on different pages. It looked like the image attached, there is a small "org chart tree" image to the bottom right of the position that signifies a link to another page. When exporting this to a PDF, the little image stays there and maintains the link. I figured this would be perfect for an easily searchable org chart we could throw on our intranet page.

In order to make the organization chart a bit cleaner, I broke down the excel file into multiple departments, then used the wizard to build these department org charts separately. My plan was to stitch these together at the end through multiple pages. Before I did that I wanted to make sure I understood how to link the positions across pages. I figured out how to link the shapes to their other associated shapes via the sub-address and shape name, but when I do this no "org chart tree" icon pops up. This isn't the issue necessarily, the problem is when I export to PDF the link no longer works.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!