Self Healing Shapes

Started by jmeeks, January 03, 2017, 11:10:49 PM

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I'd like to see an article which explains the "magic" on how Shapes can "automatically" rotate, align, attach, clean up to other Shapes.

Is there an article which explains in detail the "Connection Points" for these Shapes and how those Points control the associated behavior?



Thank you for that reference.  It's another good example of the power of Visio to revise a Shapes Graphics.

What I was suggesting and asking for however, was a detailed article, maybe using an out of the box Visio Shape like the "Opening" Shape in the Walls, Shell and Structure Stencil as basic example, and showing the details which control it's particular behavior and interaction with other Shapes on a Document.  I like the articles which explain the details on why and how things work the way they do in Visio



The magic of shapes like "opening" is not in the shapes themselves, there is a "background" support addin that watches the drawing and updates it when appropriate.

So you won't find anything in those shapes, all magic lies in that code-behhind. Normally these shapes just have markers in user section for the addin to recognize them.

Usually that code is solution -specific, means, it will work only for the shape it was written for (like org chart for example)