Disable mouse wheel zooming in web view on sharepoint

Started by dazzag1982, August 26, 2016, 08:30:41 AM

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Is it possible to disable the default mouse wheel zooming when viewing visio drawings in browser mode?

We have a quality management system which has a front page with a web part with a visio diagram...i know I can change the web part settings for pan and zoom etc.....this isnt the problem

The shapes on the front diagram are hyperlinked to other visio diagrams which are saved in a document library so are all viewed in browser mode.

The biggest complaint we get from users is that when they use the mouse wheel the diagram will zoom in/out.....they want it to to move the page up and down as you would in word/excel etc....to move the diagram you have to press and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse to move the page up and down....is there any way this zooming for the mouse wheel can be disabled? Is it a visio thing? Is it a sharepoint thing?

Many Thanks


I only have a Swedish Sharepoint site so the wordings might be off. But basically you just edit the web part and disable the Zooming checkbox.
This is a Office 365 E3 Sharepoint.