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Started by kdjohannes, October 04, 2016, 01:40:33 PM

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So I created a template for all of my process maps. This was a good idea I thought because it would prevent me from saving over my template if I forgot to change the name of the document. This is true. However, I've run into another issue. I have a zone or a sort of title block in the background and I have used 'insert field' to add information from the document properties. This is helpful because, it auto-updates with dates, author etc.

However, when saving as a .vst, you open the file as a drawing (unless editing the template). But then all the fields from the document properties are empty. Makes sense in theory because it's a new document but I don't want to have to remember what field in the document properties relates to the field in my title block. If this makes sense. Then I thought, I'd just save as a .vsd and use that instead...but then this doesn't change the created date! It still has the date of when it was originally created, which is not what I need to show in that field!

So do I have any options to do what I need? Hope this makes sense and that someone can help.


As I understand your goal, 2 options
1) plunge into the world of VBA and code up something on the open event to place values in those fields
    Could tie the name off the save as event.   aka file could me <my cool name>.<date>.<whatever>.<etc>.
    BTW, I tried to do this with an Excell project...there were a lot of subtleties to work thru.

2)while not exactly what you want to do, you could have default fields in the page or background page and
   present them in a legend or use display custom props on menus.   This would separate file name from this info, but
   would NOT be visible outside of Visio