Enhanced SVG generation

Started by Nikolay, February 19, 2009, 07:54:41 AM

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Today's Visio SVG generation has some... ehr.. issues:

- Visio forgets to add "xlink" namespace reference to the generated SVG file, though it uses xlink namespace in SVG text (this is A PROBLEM that prevents some SVG (ones containing these "xlinks") generated with Visio from being rendered by most browsers). Only Adobe SVG viewer seem to overcome this issue.

- Visio forgets to add measurement units for some styles, which causes wrong font sizes being used in browsers. Obviously Visio considers the "numbers without units" being "pixels". This is a false assumption, because the "numbers without units" are interpreted as "points" in Firefox/Opera for example (not sure what does SVG standard says). Anyways, generating numbers without measurement units is no good.

- Firefox and Opera do seem to understand "em" measurement units in <tspan> element, with causes multiline text to collapse into single line in FF/Opera. Maybe this is even not supported by standard (not sure), but Visio generates SVG this way (though I believe this might be easily done other way), and only Adobe SVG viewer does understand that.

It would be nice if these points were fixed with the next release. ::)


"xlink" namespace is finally there for Visio 2010! :D

Unfortunately the second issue about "font-size:12;" still exists..
Means, please look at the picture that demonstrates the issue: