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Hello all

This is my first post in the forum. I don't want to go into too much detail but essentially my company uses a microsoft sharepoint site as a Quality Management System where we upload visio web drawings which employees can view business process maps etc in browser mode etc.

The visio process maps are all identical in their general layout and branding etc and basically consist of rectangular boxes for each
step / task and if any task requires the use  of a form / template then some shapes have hyperlinks which link directly to the word document or excel spreadsheet in question. Some tasks may also be a sub-process so those shapes have a hyperlink to a different visio file. Its not a massive system but approximately 100 visio files within the site and some link to each other...maybe there is an input from one process to another so we have input/output shapes on the map which again just have hyperlinks to the visio file in question. We use standrad process mapping shapes for process, document, sub-process, database etc

I would like to be able to make our process maps a bit more dynamic and more user interactive. They are designed so that processes are easy to undertand and follow (as I said just rectangular shapes with arrow connectors in between)...we don't like to have lots of words in the shapes but perhaps some tasks need a lower level of detail to cover specfic quality points or checks and specific infromation which has to be included. Would love it for the end user to hover the mouse over a shape and for other shapes to pop up with additional information or even screenshot images to explain how to do certain things. I know you can assign screen tips to shapes and text boxes will appear if hovering over the shape but they do not work when the visio files are saved as web drawings and uploaded to sharepoint but id like something more than just a text box.....

We also have some tasks which require the use of more than 1 form or document...currently you click on the task shape and it takes you to a new visio file where all the documents are listed as document shapes and hyperlinks from each shape to the form document required. I'd like to be able to click on the shape from the main process map and the document shapes would appear to the side and the user can click on which one they need....means they are not clicking away from the main process.

Im guessing that this probably would require some vba to do which I have done a little of in excel but nothing in Visio.

These are just a couple of things Im thinking of...there is probably an overall better software solution for quality management systems in general but we don't have that much information so the company going to a different solution which may involve high license costs etc is a no go. We already use a sharepoint site as our intranet site and visio is the standard drawing / process mapping application so when the QMS was being set up it was the cheapest logical approach. I have years of experience using visio including the eVSM software for value stream mapping so as a stand alone product im good but in terms of how the process maps can be fully intergrated into sharepoint and how they are viewed in browser mode and id like some help, articles, tutorials on how to get the most out of visio to make our process maps more dynamic in a web viewing mode.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

p.s. we use visio professional 2013 and sharepoint 2010
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