How to change height of band under Title

Started by vanncad, May 20, 2008, 12:30:48 PM

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I cannot seem to change the height of the empty band under the Title in a Visio horizontal cross-functional flowchart.

I have removed all protection but the the band won't re-size by dragging handles.

I tried typing a new value in the Height box on the Size and Position window but it just keeps defaulting back to 0.25 in.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue.


Though my Visio isn't in English, so finding that diagram is a problem...

Check the shapesheet of the shape, and make sure the height cell doesn't have =Guard(Value) as value, if so remove the Guard( )
leaving the '=' and 'value' as is.

- Lars


Thanks for the quick response Lars, That worked great!

That is a pretty strange way to perform a simple operation. Is there a setting somewhere in Visio that lets you automatically set that option?

I am new to Visio so I apologize if this is a simple question.


No, not that I'm aware of, its basically a way the template designer can make sure his formulas (or values) for certain fields cant be messed up. It's a pretty nice feature but I suppose a protection of the height would have been enough in your case. It seems that Guard and the protection is a bit overdone. There probably is a slight difference between the two ways of protecting shapes....

Might make for a nice topic or post....

As for the Guard function

- Lars


That's great Lars.

Thanks again for the information.

- Vann


Seems like guard provides greater flexibility--any formula may be guarded.  Protecton is fairly limited.
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Hi vanncad,

Were you trying to make the band taller or smaller?

The smarts behind it were designed to make it get bigger to handle multiple lines of text, and to snap to a grid setting, which is stored in the very top rectangle.

You can make the shape taller by selecting it and adding some carriage line returns.

You can make it smaller by selecting it and choosing a small font size, AND changing the grid-size setting in the top rectangle. To do that, select the top rectangle, then Window > Show ShapeSheet.

There's a user cell there:

User.GridRounding = 0.25 in*Sheet.1!User.AntiScale

Just change the 0.25 to something smaller.

Sounds a bit complicated, but if you do this, then you won't break anything that was intended by the solution developer.

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