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Started by Roland, February 17, 2009, 11:11:44 AM

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The Equation Editor of Visio 2007 dosen't work correctly. If I insert a equation with the equation editor (Insert > Object > Equation Editor 3.0) the equation looks wrong scaled. Rescaling by hand isn't a possible opportunity for me. I hope this will be fixed soon... I want the equation editor in Visio badly.

Any suggestions?

Paul Herber

Works fine for me, same versions, tell us more about what you are doing and how you are doing it.
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My office upgraded MS Office 2003 at MS Office 2007 for a week. All available hotfixes and servicepacks are installed.

Now I want to insert an equation in my Viso sheet like usual. Insert > Object... > Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0. I write "x+y" and click in the empty space of my sheet to close the equation editor. Suddenly my equation becomes like this "x   +   y" instead of "x+y". Why?

Look here: Chris watch the same error. Maybe you have to translate the text?!

Paul Herber

I see, I admit I didn't try a simple formula like that, I tried integrals, differentiation, summation etc! Yes, just entering 'x+y' expands to 'x + y', changing this then makes the box even larger, just make the box smaller, even the x+y then looks correct.

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Visio Guy

Oooh, I forgot which language I answered in...getting senile.

My suggestion in the German forum was to use the Equation Editor in Word 2007, then to copy the object from Word and paste into Visio.

For some reason, the in-place equation editing in Visio causes the size of the object to go haywire, and odd stretching results.
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To resize all equations seems quite difficult to me because I don't know the exactly scaling parameters. I must insert all equation in equal size. Variable "x" in equation 1 must have the same size linke in equation 2. I actually write my diploma. It's important for me to get fine figures.

I won't take the equation editor of Word 2007. The new equation editor use another style for the operators and variables. But I already have worked out many figures in Visio 2003 with equations in "the old style". I'll try to reinstall Visio 2003 since MS fix the equation editor in Visio 2007.